Free trees and hedges scheme

Apply for free trees

We are working with Leicestershire County Council and the Woodland Trust to increase tree and woodland cover in Hinckley & Bosworth by providing new hedgerows and trees which will improve animal movement from one habitat to another (habitat connectivity).

Who can apply?

Land owners or farmers can apply for free trees through the following schemes.

Targeting tree disease:

  • Apply for 45 free native broadleaf trees
  • Application deadline: 13 October 2017


  • Apply for a minimum of 100 metres of new hedgerow, consisting of 475 shrubs and 25 trees (ideally for planting every 20 metres
  • Application deadline: 31 January 2018


  • Apply for free trees and shrubs to plant a woodland, starting at half a hectare (one and a quarter acres) in size
  • Application deadline: 31 January 2018

How to apply

For application details and further information on the schemes available visit Leicestershire County Council's website 

Further information

Information on free replacement trees (

Schools, community groups and parish councils can apply for free trees from the Woodland Trust

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