Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council

NHS Leicestershire County & Rutland – pharmacy services out of town consultation

Rurality consultation

NHS Leicestershire County and Rutland carried out the following consultation recently.

All PCTs are required to publish a map showing those areas which are deemed rural for the purpose of dispensing services. The local NHS has made an initial assessment of the areas to be deemed rural in Hinckley and Bosworth. They then carried out consultation on the assessment. 

This could affect where prescriptions are dispensed from and how far people have to travel to pick up a prescription in the future. 

The following link to NHS Leicestershire County and Rutland will direct you to the page where you can view the document and complete it online: http://www.lcr.nhs.uk/_Gettinginvolved.aspx

The consultation ran from 9 until 28 March then 9 May to 18 June (avoiding the pre election period).

Last updated: 20/06/2011 10:38