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Register for a council tax account

All you need is your account number, name, address and email. You’ll be asked some security questions about your account.

If you answer these correctly, you’ll be able to log in straight away. If you can’t answer all the security questions, we’ll send you a PIN (personal identification number) by post which you’ll need to log in.

This service enables you to:

  • Check your council tax balance
  • View your council tax bills
  • Manage council tax account online
  • Register for ebilling

You will be able to view information such as:

  • The period for which you are being charged
  • How the charge has been calculated
  • Payment transaction history
  • Any reliefs that have been awarded
  • Overdue balances on your account
  • Any recovery action which has commenced

Ebilling replaces your paper bills and allows you to store all your council tax notifications in one inbox.

Last updated: 28/02/2017 14:11