Energy rebate discretionary scheme


This scheme is part the government’s energy rebate scheme which was put in place to support families amid rising global energy costs.

The government has provided councils with funding to operate a discretionary scheme for households in need who would not otherwise be eligible for a £150 energy rebate including, for example, individuals on low incomes who live in properties valued in bands E to H and who did not qualify for a rebate earlier this year, and occupiers of homes of multiple occupation who pay rent and energy bills, but not council tax, such as student accommodation.

Households may qualify under one of two available energy rebate groups. The qualifying criteria:

Group one:

The discretionary energy rebate group one aims to support households in bands E to H, where the residents are in receipt of council tax support, carers allowance, have a disabled band relief or other vulnerability related exemption. This applies to those in council tax bands E to H, where the household occupied the property as their main residence on 1 April 2022 and were:

  • In receipt of council tax support or discount discretionary fund on 1 April 2022
  • In receipt of discretionary housing payment on 1 April 2022 
  • Those in bands F to H but in receipt of a disabled band reduction
  • Under 25 and classed as a care leaver
  • In receipt of a careers disregard 
  • In receipt of an exemption class N, S, U or W
  • N (occupied only by full-time students), where the students are liable for payment of council tax
  • S (occupied only by persons under the age of 18)
  • U (occupied only by persons with a severe mental impairment)
  • W (an annex to a property occupied by the dependent relative of the person living in the main property)

The rebate will be made automatically, you do not need to apply.
We will be using the Post Office pay-out voucher scheme to make the payment. The person named on the council tax account will receive a letter with a barcode that enables them to pick up the cash payment from any Post Office branch, with appropriate identification. We anticipate letters will start to be distributed from 2 September 2022.

Group two

This applies to households who occupied the property as their main residence on 1 April 2022 and liable for rent and energy bills but not council tax on 1 April 2022. This is likely to apply to homes of multiple occupation including student accommodation amongst others, but unlike those eligible for the rebate as part of group one, householders who qualify as part of group two must apply to receive their rebate, payments will not be made automatically.

There is only one payment per household regardless of how many people occupy a property.

This will be administered by application only. Applications must be made by 30 September 2022.

Further details on this scheme: Energy rebate discretionary scheme form (

Last updated: 02/09/2022 09:53