Elections 2017

Election results 2017

Earl Shilton Town Council - Church Ward, Thursday 23 November 2017 - results

Candidate: FORD, Angela
Party: Labour
Votes: 66

Candidate: WILLIAMS, Angela
Party: Liberal Democrats
Votes: 138 Elected

Turnout: 15.08%

Burbage Parish Council, Stretton Ward, Thursday 16 November 2017 - results

Candidate: WALKER, Simon, R
Party: Conservative Party
Votes: 242

Candidate: WILBUR, Debbie J
Party: Labour Party
Votes: 103

Party: Liberal Democrat Focus Team
Votes: 260

Turnout: 21.6%

Burbage Sketchley and Stretton Ward, Thursday 5 October 2017 - by-election results

Candidate: MACDONALD, David William ELECTED
Party: Conservative Party
Votes: 822

Candidate: MAYNE, Robert
Party: Liberal Democrat
Votes: 785

Candidate: EMMETT, Christina
Party: Labour Party
Votes: 321

Candidate: SMITH, Neale Lee
Party: UKIP
Votes: 120

Candidate: FINDLAY, Danny John
Party: Independent party
Votes: 57

Turnout = 26.7%

Groby Parish Poll Thursday 22 June - results

General election Thursday 8 June 2017 - Bosworth Constituency results

Candidate: GREGG, Mick
Party: Green Party
Votes: 1047

Candidate: KEALEY, Chris
Party: Labour Party
Votes: 13513

Candidate: MULLANEY, Michael Timothy
Party: Liberal Democrat Focus Team
Votes: 9744

Candidate: TREDINNICK, David Arthur Stephen ELECTED
Party: The Conservative Party Candidate
Votes: 31864

Turnout: 68.97%

County council election Thursday 4 May 2017 - results

Get the results by division on Leicestershire County Council's website (leicestershire.gov.uk):

Parish council election Thursday 4 May 2017 - results

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