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I am elderly/disabled and need extra help with this service, will the council provide extra help to move items?

Wheeled bin help

We will provide assisted collections for residents that have a genuine difficulty in moving their wheeled bin and/or recycling boxes if there is no-one else in the household who could help.

Please contact us to discuss further - we are here to help. A form will be sent to you to complete and return to the council. If you have problems with the form or have any questions then let us know and one of our waste management officers will phone or arrange to visit. When requesting help for the wheeled bin we will include you on the recycling, garden waste and refuse services. 

Help with special collections (such as furniture and electrical items)

Special collections require the items to be at the boundary. We realise that this is difficult for residents on the assisted lists. When booking a special collection let us know that you are on the assisted list and we will provide a disclaimer form. The crew will bring this form with them when making the collection. The items will then be fetched from inside your home.

Where residents aren't on the assisted list and genuinely cannot get an item to the boundary, then please let us know. Providing no one else is at the property that can help you, we will also arrange for the crew to bring a disclaimer form and fetch the items from inside your home.

Last updated: 05/06/2013 15:15

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