Local Plan 2006 - 2026

Which documents make up the Local Plan 2006 - 2026?

local plan documents

The Local Plan 2006 - 2026 aims to achieve the following:

  • To have the right facilities, housing, and infrastructure in the right places
  • To support the local communities by addressing the needs and opportunities of an area
  • To help to support the growth of the local economy and tourism

The Local Plan 2006 – 2026 is made up of a series of documents which help us to achieve the above, including the four key development plan documents, the supporting supplementary planning documents and a variety of evidence base documents.

Development plan documents (DPDs)

DPDs outline the council's policies for development within the borough. The DPDs carry the most weight for making decisions on planning applications.

A proposals map illustrating where the policies will apply will be produced and maintained to accompany all DPDs.

The following DPDs are included in the Local Plan 2006 - 2026 documents:

Supplementary planning documents (SPDs)

SPDs provide further details to policies in DPDs but do not carry the same weight in determining planning applications.

The following SPDs are included in the Local Plan 2006 - 2026 documents:

Other key documents

Authority Monitoring Report (AMR) (formerly Annual Monitoring Report)

The AMR is produced by the council. It contains information on the implementation of the Local Development Scheme (LDS) and the extent to which the policies set out in the adopted local plan 2001 and the Local Plan 2006 - 2026 documents are being achieved.

Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)

The SCI sets out the standards to which the local planning authority will engage and consult the public and other stakeholders during the production of the Local Development Framework (LDF) and when dealing with planning applications. The draft SCI (submission draft) went out for consultation from 4 January 2006 to 15 February 2006, The SCI was approved by full council for submission to the Secretary of State in March 2006.

Sustainability Appraisal (SA)

SA is the process of assessing the 'sustainability' of a plan under preparation.

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