Landlord rights and responsibilities

Right of entry to carry out repairs

A landlord has the right to enter their tenanted properties to check what needs to be repaired. However, a landlord must provide at least 24 hours' notice to their tenant (it is recommended to provide more than 24 hours' notice where possible). The time proposed by the landlord must be reasonable and suitable to the tenant.

Tenants do have the right to refuse access regardless of whether suitable notice has been given. In these circumstances the landlord and/or landlord's agent and/or landlord’s contractors or other representative must not enter the property without the tenant's permission. If access is refused without good reason and tenants will not agree to reasonable requests for entry, the landlord should seek legal advice to enforce the terms of the tenancy agreement or to seek an injunction forcing the tenant to allow access to the landlord, the landlord's agent and/or the landlord's contractors.

Remember, tenants have a statutory right to quiet enjoyment of the property, any attempt to interfere with this right may be seen as harassment by the police or the local authority. Both the police and the local authority have powers to investigate and take action against any persons causing harassment. A person who is prosecuted for harassment will be liable to an unlimited fine and/or up to 6 months imprisonment.

Last updated: ‎20/10/2022 09:39