How we improve our service

Tenant scrutiny

The Tenant Evaluation Team is an independent panel of tenants established in 2014 to scrutinise housing services provided by the council.

After an intensive training period, the group completed a pilot review into improving the housing repairs feedback rate. Many of their recommendations have now been implemented by the council, including:

  • A shortened feedback survey
  • Introduction of a £50 quarterly prize draw
  • Increased use of telephone surveys
  • The ability to give feedback by email

The group have also conducted a review into the re-let times for sheltered housing and made a series of recommendations on marketing which are currently being implemented.

We are currently recruiting for members of the Evaluation Team, you will need to be objective and willing to attend some training.

For more information, please complete our contact form or telephone 01455 238141 and ask for the Service Development Team.

Last updated: 06/10/2022 12:57