How to get involved as a tenant

Resident Associations (RA)

Residents’ Associations can be set up in any geographical area of the borough, representing groups of properties either by scheme (for example of sheltered housing residents) or area. The group aims to engage members of the community to enhance and improve the area. A residents’ group can organise community events, represent residents on issues of mutual interest and apply for funding to make improvements within the local community.

Find out more about starting a residents group

Garden Buddies

Garden buddies became a formal group in 2017 after a sub group of Together for Tenants initiated tenant gardening projects. The group apply for funding and recruit volunteers to undertake community gardening projects, for example, they have established a community allotment at the Meadows and redesigned the community centre garden at Herford Way in Burbage.

If you are interested in getting involved in your area please contact Jacqui Kissai, Service Improvement Officer for information on 01455 255639 or by email:

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