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How to get involved as a tenant

Service improvements

We use feedback and consult tenants on our service improvement priorities. The following improvements or 'local offers' were agreed with tenants in 2019:

  1. Implementing the Decent Homes Standard for all council properties
    This is supported by a full business plan
  2. Improving customer disability and vulnerability information to inform service delivery
    Information provided by tenants is being included on our systems and we are doing our best to be sensitive to additional needs
  3. Developing a housing vision statement to include service commitments
    This work is currently in progress and tenants interested in taking part should register to receive consultations (see email address below)
  4. Delivering an action plan to support tenancy sustainment
    We have made detailed plans to help tenants be successful in their tenancies, including the appointment of two new officers and the introduction of pre and post sign up training
  5. Reporting performance information to key tenants groups annually
  6. Promoting tenant achievements
    We will be giving five, 'Tenants to be proud of awards' in 2020, each worth £100. Please tell us of tenant achievements you are proud of, it could be your own, a family member or neighbour. Send in your story and contact details and you or your friend/relative could win £100. 

For further information please contact Jacqui Kissai, Service Improvement Officer, email: [email protected]

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