Do I need building regulations approval?

Is building regulations approval required

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Building regulations approval

It is not always easy to determine whether building regulations approval is required for works that you are considering carrying out to your property.

Examples of work that will require building regulations approval:

  • Building, extending or structurally altering a house or flat
  • Any work affecting means of escape or fire safety in a house or flat
  • Replacing a heat producing appliance (boiler or wood burning stove for example)
  • Adding to or altering certain electrics in a house, flat or building linked to a house or flat
  • Renovation of thermal elements (external walls, roofs, ground bearing floors for example)
  • Replacement windows
  • Loft conversions
  • New drainage or plumbing
  • Installing a new bathroom, kitchen, or utility room (unless it is a re-fit of an existing bathroom, kitchen or utility room)
  • Alterations to a chimney or flue
  • Building, extending or structurally altering an office or commercial building
  • Internal fit-out of an office or commercial building, where means of escape could be affected

If your project is not listed here, please contact building control for advice.

For these and many other types of works, you will need to make a building regulations application.

Apply for building regulations approval

Work that may not require building regulations approval

In some cases you may use a registered competent person from a recognised scheme in lieu of making a building regulations application. Examples include:

  • Replacement of a roof covering
  • Replacement windows and doors
  • Injection of cavity wall insulation
  • Installation of an air conditioning or ventilation system
  • Installation of a boiler or other heat producing appliance
  • A new circuit or alterations to a domestic electrical system
  • Installation of a micro generation system, for example, a wind turbine or solar panels

Work exempt from building regulations approval

In addition to competent person schemes, some works are specifically exempt from the building regulations, subject to certain criteria. Visit exemptions for more information on works not requiring building regulations approval.

Simple visual guide for house holders

You may wish to view a simple visual guide for householders ( This outlines common household projects.

If you are uncertain about whether or not work that you are proposing to carry out requires building regulations approval, please contact Building Control.

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