Building regulation fees

About our charges

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To establish the current fee for your project, please contact us.

There are charges attached to almost all building regulations applications

These vary depending upon the type of building work being undertaken. Building regulations applications are not legally valid unless the correct charges are paid.

Most types of work will fall into standard categories and therefore we can easily determine a charge for your proposal. Where the proposed work does not fit into a specific category, we can provide you with an individually determined charge.

We do not publish fees and charges in this page

To find out what your building regulations application will cost, please contact Building Control on 01455 255677 or complete the contact form

Make a payment

Payment can be made:

  • By cheque
  • BACS (details available on request)
  • Pay online
  • Over the phone

Full plans submission

The charge for a full plans submission is split into a plan charge, which is payable on submission of the application, and an inspection charge, for which you will be invoiced shortly after the first inspection of the building works.

Building notice

When submitting a building notice, the full charge is payable at the time the notice is submitted to the council. 

Regularisation application

You need to submit a regularisation application where the work has already been carried out and no building regulation application has been submitted.

When submitting a regularisation application, the full charge will be payable at the time the application is submitted to the council.

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