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Council tax complaints procedure

How should I complain?

We try to provide good services and good advice but sometimes mistakes are made and people will need to complain.

The council has a complaints procedure so that:

  • Complaints are resolved as swiftly as possible
  • There is a clear route for dealing with complaints which are unresolved
  • Lessons learned when dealing with complaints can be used to improve the council's service

The complaints procedure

The procedure is intended to be as simple and informal as possible. You can put your complaints in writing if you like, or you can speak to one of the council's staff.

Make it clear that you are making a complaint. The complaint will then be looked into by a senior member of staff and the findings will be sent to you by one of the council's Chief Officers. This will be done within 25 working days.

We hope that you will accept the reply that you receive. If not, then a Chief Officer of another council department may investigate and in serious cases the complaint could be referred to one of the committees or elected councillors.

We will always try and meet the time targets set out above. However, if there are any delays, we will inform you of the reasons for the delay and the revised time targets.

Last updated: 18/05/2016 16:15