Climate change

The council and climate change

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Climate change is probably the most serious environmental challenge facing the planet.

The evidence for climate change is compelling and there is now overwhelming agreement among scientists that human activity is an influence. Local authorities have a central role in leading society's response to the challenge of climate change by helping communities to become resilient to more extreme weather events and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from their own buildings, services and the community.

Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council is working hard to reduce its contribution to greenhouse gas emissions from services and operations. In January 2014 the council joined with central government, the Local Government Association and other local authorities in signing the Climate Local Commitment. By signing this commitment we have agreed to take firm actions to reduce our own carbon emissions, reduce emissions in the borough and to take part in national carbon reduction initiatives.

Although the council has an important role to play, we cannot achieve an overall reduction on our own, we need your help.

Further information on the Climate Local Commitment can be found at

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