Energy switch scheme

We know that rising energy prices are an increasing concern for residents. We also know that many people would get a better deal on their energy by switching providers. Hinckley and Bosworth Energy Switching Scheme is being organised by the council in partnership with iChoosr.

The scheme brings together a number of people who want to switch providers into one ‘auction’. Energy providers then bid for their business by offering the best available prices. The more people join the collective scheme, the better a deal everybody gets. On average we expect residents to save up to £250 a year by switching energy suppliers through this scheme. The £250 figure is based on previous auctions.

How does the scheme work?

Residents can sign up free, with no obligation, to tell us they are interested in switching suppliers to save money. Businesses currently on a domestic tariff are also eligible to sign up. The more people sign up, the better deal we all get. 

Interested in the next auction? Register for the scheme

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