Getting your street clean and swept

Our responsibilities

The quality of the local environment is important to people. The council operates to a cleansing standard set out in the Environmental Protection Act 1990 Code of Practice on Litter and Refuse.

Streets are cleaned by using both mechanical sweepers (which cleanse the roads and footpaths) and by manually litter picking and sweeping the areas which need it.

The service standards are

  • Offensive graffiti - one working day 
  • Non-offensive graffiti - two to five working days
  • Fly-tipping - two to five working days
  • Dog fouling - one working day

Adopted highways

We are responsible for all adopted highways. Please note: street care and cleaning of unadopted highways is the responsibility of the landowner. An unadopted highway is one that is not maintainable by the local authority, and is usually 'unmade' (for example, no tarmac (bituminous) surface) or may consist of setts/cobbles.

Report a problem

Use the 'report it' form or, if you prefer, telephone the helpline 01455 238141 or use the contact form below. To make sure we can deal with problems quickly and efficiently, please provide the following details:

  • Day, date and time you saw the issue
  • Where you saw it (road name, village)
  • What you saw

Gulleys and weeds

The responsibility for cleaning the gulleys (storm drains) and dealing with weeds on the highway is Leicestershire County Council. For more information on gullies and weeds visit roadside drains (

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