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Unitary council proposals

Leicestershire County Council's proposals

Snappy the Snap Dragon being hugged by a young boy

How would the plan to scrap every district council in Leicestershire affect you?

Every district council in Leicestershire, including Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council (HBBC), could be scrapped if recent proposals by Leicestershire County Council (LCC) go ahead. 

LCC have unveiled cost-cutting plans to axe the current seven district authorities and move to one single enlarged council for Leicestershire. Their plans would remove the current two tier structure of county council and district or borough councils and create a single unitary council (one tier) which would be responsible for decision making in the whole of Leicestershire. These proposals would combine the existing seven district and borough councils in Leicestershire with Leicestershire County Council (Leicester City Council is not included in these proposals).

What would this mean?

These proposals would mean that local services which we provide, such as housing, planning, environmental protection, local events (such as the Snap Dragon festival), and bin collections could be lost and the maintenance of parks and open spaces would fall to the new council.

The new council would take on these responsibilities as well as those of the county, which is already in charge of highways, social care and children’s services.

The new council would combine the following authorities:

  • Blaby District Council
  • Charnwood Borough Council
  • Harborough District Council
  • Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council
  • Leicestershire County Council
  • Melton Borough Council
  • North West Leicestershire District Council
  • Oadby and Wigston Borough Council 

Hinckley town council

As part of these proposals, an additional layer of governance could be introduced by creating a town council for Hinckley. This would run some local services, such as maintaining Hinckley’s parks and cemetery with the additional costs being picked up by Hinckley residents, as there is no other funding provided.

Further information

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