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Unitary council proposals

Types of councils and their differences

Within Hinckley & Bosworth we are currently operating under two tiers of local government: Leicestershire County Council (LCC) and us, the Borough Council.

LCC plan to condense the two tiers of local government into one unitary authority.

To understand how this would affect you we have detailed the services which each authority provides you with.

County Council

The County Council is responsible for services across the whole of the county, including:

  • Education
  • Transport
  • Looking after roads and pavements, planning new road layouts and scheduling road works
  • Fire and public safety
  • Social care
  • Waste management
  • Libraries
  • Trading standards

District and borough councils

These cover a smaller area than County Councils. We are a Borough Council and we are responsible for services like:

  • Refuse and recycling collections
  • Council tax collections (we collect this on behalf of LCC, the police, the fire service, the parish or town council for the area you live in and we retain 7.5 pence in every pound for our services)
  • Street cleaning
  • Maintaining parks and open spaces
  • Housing
  • Planning applications
  • Environmental health
  • Events
  • Leisure and sports facilities
  • Play areas, play equipment and allotments (in non-parished areas)
  • Hinckley market
  • Car parks
  • Grants to help local organisations, such as the Parish and Community Initiative Fund and the Developing Communities Fund

We can also issue fixed penalty fines for:

  • Fly-tipping/litter
  • Graffiti
  • Fly-posting
  • Dog offences

Unitary authorities and London and metropolitan boroughs

In some parts of the country, one tier of local government provides all the local services listed above. People who live in the city of Leicester currently have Leicester City Council that does this.

Parish community and town councils

These operate at a level below district and borough councils. They are elected and can help on a number of local issues, like providing:

  • Allotments
  • Public clocks
  • Bus shelters
  • Community centres
  • Play areas and play equipment
  • Consultation on neighbourhood planning

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