Have your say on town charity shops

The Borough Council is keen to hear the views of local residents on the charity shops based in Hinckley town centre

The council asked for people’s views on how to focus its efforts on creating a trading environment that best meets their needs. The deadline for responses was Friday 8 January 2016.
Many thanks to everyone who took part in the charity shops survey. We received over 200 responses. 

This is what you told us: 

Charity shop results chart
You told us that while three quarters of you buy from charity shops in Hinckley town centre, around two thirds of you believe there are now too many charity shops and just over half of you told us you fear those shops are competing with other retailers.

What happens now?

The council is keen to do everything it can to promote a better balance of shops in Hinckley town centre and so, following this survey and representation from the Hinckley Chamber of Trade, the council agreed that it will extend the area where the 20% discretionary business rate relief isn't applied to include Upper Castle Street, Regent Street, Market Place, Station Road and the Crescent. This means that all charity shops in the town centre will now be required to pay 20% business rates, this being the maximum the council is allowed to charge charity shops by law. Charity shops in Castle Street are already paying 20% business rates and have done for some years. Charity shops affected by this change will be consulted before it’s implemented.  

At the same time, the council has agreed that in exceptional circumstances it may offer a longer rate-free period on a case by case basis for certain vacant retail units in order to help stimulate the marketability of empty shops to new retailers hoping to open up in the town centre.

Last updated: 11/04/2016 16:31