Street trading consent policy consultation

This consultation is now closed.

What was it all about?

We reviewed our current street trading policy which is used to control the numbers, location, goods and services offered for sale in Hinckley town centre.

The policy which was first adopted in 1987 required review and re-adoption by the council, especially in light of the re-configuration of the town centre streets since the Crescent has been developed. The consultation asked for views on both the re-adoption by council of the original resolution to operate a street trading consent scheme in Hinckley town centre and the revised policy document, specifying the terms and conditions for any potential applicant.

What did we ask?

We asked you to read our revised Street Trading policy (PDF) before giving us your views.

How your comments helped 

Comments were considered in the revised policy.

Last updated: 06/10/2016 12:21