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Climate change consultation

Climate Change Strategy 2020 to 2021

Scope and purpose

The council recognises that we face a climate change emergency and will work both internally and with others to ensure that work takes place to reverse the current trend.

This strategy sets out the actions that Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council (HBBC) will undertake to address the climate change emergency declared in July 2019. These include actions the council can take itself, and how the council can lead others to take steps towards addressing the climate crisis through both influencing behaviours and by creating the policy and regulatory framework to ensure others take appropriate steps.

The strategy identifies four priority themes:

  1. Leadership
  2. Regulation
  3. Estate and operations
  4. Procurement and finance


To work towards making HBBC carbon neutral by 2030, taking into account both production and consumption costs, minimising the environmental impacts of our activities and through our leadership role influence and empower others to take similar actions.

To ensure every decision of the council considers the climate impact.

Corporate Plan links

The Climate Change Strategy supports the Corporate Plan vision of creating great places to live, work and relax through creating clean and attractive places to live and work.


The council will act as leader to influence and empower communities, businesses, schools and residents, bringing them together to exchange ideas, develop initiatives and promote climate change activity.


What we will do to achieve this:

  • Work with schools to bring together a schools' community around climate change and ensure young people’s views are heard and acted on, including holding a youth summit
  • Through our employment and skills taskforce bring best practice together from businesses across the borough
  • Work with the BID to develop a low carbon Hinckley town centre and to share best practice with our key rural town centres
  • Work with rural parishes on their climate initiatives
  • Identify and work with community champions throughout the borough
  • Lobby central government and MPs to provide powers and resources to enable support local action
  • Support communities through our voluntary and community sector (VCS) and partnership structures to provide training and awareness raising
  • Introduce an annual award at our Making A Difference Awards for the most innovative and impactful community initiative
  • Lead change within the council through climate friendly staff and member initiatives
  • Use the council’s communication channels to promote climate change messages to raise awareness and encourage public engagement
  • Through the council’s event programme promote waste and plastic reduction
  • Promotion of local businesses and shopping to reduce the number of car journeys
  • Support the Hinckley Area Foodbank initiative to enable the redistribution of excess food from supermarkets
  • Support and utilise the county-wide reuse and recycling of furniture and white goods scheme via Worklink
  • Work with the county and district councils to progress joint initiatives


We will use our regulatory powers to ensure that positive change happens.

What we will do to achieve this:

  • Minimise the climate impact of new development through our Local Plan policies and development management decisions
  • Enforce buildings standards to ensure new builds are meetings their planning permission targets
  • Use our housing powers to enforce minimum standards for private sector landlords
  • Promote the council’s collective switching initiative to minimise residents’ fuel costs
  • Target fuel poor/vulnerable households with energy efficiency measures
  • Work with landlords to encourage energy efficiency measures in properties
  • Facilitate access to financial assistance to home owners to carry out home energy efficiency measures to their properties
  • Review the council house investment priorities to include enhanced energy efficiency measures in the council stock
  • Encourage food business to move to plastic free
  • Review taxi licence opportunities to encourage use of electric vehicle (EV) taxis
  • Monitor and review air quality across the borough
  • Use Environmental Protection and Clean Air Act powers to ensure residents activities are compliant
  • Encourage active environments within new housing developments, leading to increased cycling and walking

Estate and operations

Through our buildings, vehicles and services we will minimise our impact on carbon emissions.

We will achieve this by:

  • Establishing the council’s carbon baseline and monitor council house green house gas emissions and CO2
  • Ensure all new policies, strategies and activities are assessed against climate change implications.
  • Identify climate change champions in each service area of the council
  • Review the council’s travel policy and incentivise reduction in energy
  • Install EV charging points at car parks and support others in the provision of charging points
  • Utilise our land to draw down carbon.
  • Review existing buildings and estate for additional energy efficiency measures
  • Review the council’s fleet to ensure impacts are minimised
  • Minimise the use of single use plastic across the council
  • Maximise, where appropriate, online transactions
  • Use Environmental Protection and Clean Air Act powers to ensure residents activities are compliant
  • Promote walking and cycling through our healthy lifestyles work and through the Public Realm Strategy

Procurement and finance

We will maximise financial opportunities to support climate change work.

We will achieve this by:

  • Ensuring climate change impacts are considered in all procurement activity
  • Consider climate change impacts when awarding grants and funding
  • Identify external funding opportunities
  • Ensure the council’s energy is from sustainable sources
  • Ensure council’s investments are placed in environmental and socially responsible investments
  • Consider ways of incentivising businesses and homeowners to adopt energy efficiency measures

Call for information 

The success of this strategy depends on widespread action by local people, alongside the commitment of Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council and its partners.

Climate change and its impact is the responsibility of everyone and it very much needs to be at the forefront of everything we do.

Please help us

We would like to hear about what you, your family, your community, your business or your schools are doing to support reducing the impact of climate change.

Tell us how you are reducing the impact of climate change:

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