Sustainable development

Local food

Market stall selling bread

Buying locally grown and produced food has many benefits:

  • It can benefit local producers and farmers and support rural employment
  • It offers the consumer choice and an opportunity to talk to the people who actually produce the products they are buying
  • Local food is good for the environment by reducing food miles

Food miles refer to the distances our food travels from where it is grown to where we buy it. Reducing food miles reduces the environmental impact of food transportation and its contributing to the greenhouse effect through emissions of carbon dioxide (a major greenhouse gas).

Where can I buy local food?

Locally produced food can be bought from a variety of different outlets. These outlets include farmers' markets, farm shops, and vegetable box schemes. Hinckley Farmers Market  has been re-launched this year as Sunday Munch.This market takes place in the Market Place on the second Sunday of every month, from April until November.

What about when eating out?

When eating out don't forget to ask where your meal has come from, as this shows the restaurant, café or pub that their customers are interested, they want to know and that there is a demand for local food.

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