Coronavirus pandemic

There have been changes to services due to the coronavirus pandemic. Please contact us if you require assistance. Get the latest service information, government news and business support and advice.

Coronavirus: information, advice and FAQs

Coronavirus FAQs


If I am self-isolating or have coronavirus symptoms, can I still put refuse in the black wheelie bin?
Guidance from government is changing and we will keep this under review but the most recent advice states those with confirmed cases or any suspected cases who are self-isolating can store personal waste (including used tissues and disposable cloths) within disposable bags. Tie the bag securely and place it into another bag, also securely tied and kept separate from other waste.

If you are self-isolating you should NOT put your waste in communal waste areas until the waste has been stored for at least 72 hours. After 72 hours the household waste can be disposed of as normal. Principle is that after 72 hours outside the body the virus is no longer viable and so the waste (suitably double bagged) can be collected as normal.

Can I still visit the Hinckley Hub and Atkins Building?
To protect residents and staff the Hinckley Hub is now open to visitors with pre-appointments and emergencies only.
If you have, or need a pre-arranged appointment or an emergency please call 01455 238141
If you have an appointment with Citizens Advice please call 0300 330 1025
Our 24-hour payment line is 01455 619617
Please use this website for information on services available online, and the Coronavirus page has the latest information.
The Atkins Building’s registrar service is open by appointment only until further notice. The Atkins Gallery is currently closed to the public.

For people who are visiting our premises, please make sure your hands are clean. If you are feeling unwell or if anyone in your household is self-isolating, then please don’t visit us in person.

Are council events still going ahead this year?
So far, all scheduled council events and Hinckley BID events due to take place in March, April and May have been cancelled in line with current government guidance. We will review government guidance on a rolling basis before making any decisions about events scheduled to take place later in the summer. We are updating our social media accounts regularly as well as the events guide on this website. We are also endeavouring to update the council’s events guide as we are notified of any events cancelled by others, but we’d encourage you to check with the organiser if you have any questions.
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Are council meetings still taking place?
Some meetings are being cancelled in light of current government advice, with the agreement of the meeting Chair. Please see the calendar of council meetings for the most up to date information. Please don’t attend a public meeting if you feel unwell or if a member of your household is self-isolating.

Is my local Community House still open?
In line with current government advice, Barwell, Earl Shilton and Gwendoline Community Houses have cancelled all group activities until further notice.  However, the Community House Team is still available to provide support, advice, signposting and food vouchers. Please call 01455 255942/941 for more information.

I run pub/restaurant/café and I need to offer a delivery service. What should I do?

Planning rules are being relaxed to allow restaurants, cafes and pubs to run as takeaways for up to 12 months. If you wish to do this, you will need to notify our planning team with your proposed start and end dates for new use. Please contact planning. Further information: Permission for pubs and restaurants to operate as takeaways (GOV.UK)

I want to help people who are self-isolating, who should I contact?
We would recommend you register your interest with the local Voluntary and Community Sector Partnership. Visit Next Generation ( who are co-ordinating with registered charities already working in this area. Simply select ‘volunteering’ then scroll to the bottom to complete the online form. Alternatively tel 01455 632984

Is Hinckley Leisure Centre open as usual?
Hinckley Leisure Centre is operated by Places Leisure on behalf of the Borough Council. The facility is closed until further notice in line with government guidance. For more information read the latest statement on Places Leisure (

Are parks still open?
For now parks are open for very limited daily exercise, once a day only. No gatherings are permitted. Following the government’s latest advice, we have closed all play areas, ball courts and outdoor gyms we manage until further notice. The tennis courts and bowling green at Hollycroft Park are also closed.

Are libraries open as usual?
No, all Leicestershire libraries are closed until further notice. Updates will be shared on Leicestershire Libraries social media channels and the Leicestershire County Council website. Community managed libraries may also close. Please check their websites for further information. The library service has advised that all items currently on load will not be due for return until 1 May 2020, however this will be reviewed if necessary. A digital library service ( is accessible to library members.

Why have you stopped collecting garden bins?
During this worldwide pandemic, our staff are subject to the same government restrictions as the rest of the country, meaning our staff numbers have reduced. Our focus is to prioritise your refuse (black lidded bin) and recycling (blue lidded bin) with current resources available. The decision to stop collecting garden bins has not been taken lightly, but is a position we unfortunately find ourselves in. Garden waste is biodegradable and does not pose a public health risk.

Will I get a refund for my garden waste?
While no refunds can be provided, the Leader of the Council has confirmed that people will not be out of pocket and the council will extend the current charging period to ensure people get the 12 months’ service they have paid for. We will do this automatically for all subscribers. Customers are asked to bear with us at this difficult time.

When will you start collecting garden bins again?
We are following government guidelines in terms of keeping our staff and the public safe and will update residents as often as we can. 
For the most up to date information about any changes to council services, look out for information in local media, follow the council on social media or sign up for free email updates

What am I supposed to do with my garden waste?
Residents in Leicestershire can take advantage of discounted home composting kits from This site currently has an offer for buy one get one half price, meaning that if you join up with another household you can both benefit from further discounts. Residents may also try grasscycling as a method of handling grass clippings, by leaving them to decompose on the lawn when mowing. Garden waste is biodegradable and will eventually reduce down. Residents can store their garden waste until such time as we can reinstate collections, where they can drip feed the garden waste back into their fortnightly collections.

Can I put garden waste into my black bin?
No. Black bins are for non-recyclable waste only. We are working to maintain refuse (black bin) collections and this will not be possible, if refuse bins are used for garden waste as well. Please ensure you do not put anything other than your normal non-recyclable waste into your black bin to ensure this continues to be collected.

Is the local tip open?
No, Leicestershire County Council has closed all tips (recycling and household waste sites) in Leicestershire until further notice.

I’m going to flytip my waste
Please be advised that flytipping is a prosecutable offence. In addition, if the service is clearing up flytips, then it is not able to focus on providing and maintaining bin collection services.

What support is there for older people?
Age UK Leicester Shire & Rutland ( has launched a dedicated Coronavirus Helpline 0116 299 2239, open Monday to  Friday 9am to 5pm to support the most at risk in our communities, to help deliver practical and emotional support to local older people. Through this service they aim to support older people by providing a range of support services which may include telephone befriending, shopping, collecting prescriptions and, where appropriate, visiting people in their own homes but following all the government guidance relating to the virus. Anyone offering volunteer support can also apply their website or call 0116 299 2233 for more information. The Silver Line ( also offers a free, 24 hour confidential helpline for older people 0800 4 70 80 90. We appreciate that many older people may not be on the internet or have access to social media, but please share or pass on the details: maybe these services could be of assistance to an individual or family during this difficult time.

I have a parking permit but I’m now in isolation and can’t move my car, what should I do?
Get in touch with us by completing our parking online contact form, telling us where your car is parked and your registration number and we’ll make a note of it.

Is work going to continue on my house?
Due to the national situation in regards to the coronavirus pandemic, we are only undertaking essential and emergency repairs to council-owned properties at this time. We are continuing to prepare empty homes in readiness to support local hospitals, who have been advised that around 15,000 patients may be required to discharged by 27 March and beyond, to make way for CVOID-19 patients.

All work is undertaken following government guidelines.

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