Keeping our workplaces and public spaces covid secure

Staying covid secure

Overview of how Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council is keeping workplaces and public spaces Covid secure.

General risk assessment

Each service has a Covid 19 risk assessment and subsequent safe working procedures, which are carried out in consultation with team members. They include tasks and activities carried out by staff.

In addition, staff have access to documents relating to Covid 19 published on the intranet. They include:

  • Covid 19 secure signed statement
  • Guidance and information for home visits, accident reporting, vehicle decontamination, PPE use
  • Risk assessments for
    • Office buildings and public areas
    • Re-establishing visits to commercial and domestic properties.
    • Meetings
    • Individual employees


Office risk controls in place:

  • Maintain 2 metre distance
  • Rota system for staff in the building
  • One way systems around the building where possible
  • 50% workstations out of action
  • Screening between face to face desks
  • Heightened cleaning regime
  • Provision of hand sanitiser and wipes

Waste services: risk controls in place:

  • Maintain social distancing where possible
  • Staggered start and finish times for staff
  • Employees allocated one per vehicle, where possible, and meeting at work location
  • Waste teams fixed where possible
  • All vehicles have hand washing facilities and supply of hand gel, hand sanitiser, wipes, gloves and face coverings

Indoor public spaces (community centres, sheltered housing):

  • Signage reminding people of 2 metre distance rule
  • Limited number of people per area.
  • Provision of hand sanitiser
  • Robust cleaning regime
  • Bring your own refreshments

Outdoor public spaces:

  • Signage reminding people of 2 metre distance rule
  • Regular litter picking and emptying of waste bins
  • Public toilets reopened with,
    • Increased cleaning regimes
    • Daily deep cleans
    • Reduced contact points
  • Social distancing

The individual

  • Customer Services operates an appointment only system, prioritising vulnerable people
  • Visiting Officers are provided with hand sanitiser, wipes, gloves and face coverings
  • Within our operational buildings, a covid occupancy register in place to enable a mini 'track and trace'
  • Individual risk assessment carried out by line managers where vulnerabilities need to be considered, such as:
    • Age
    • Gender
    • BAME
    • Medical conditions
    • Pregnancy

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