Tenancy strategy

The requirement, purpose and review of a tenancy strategy

The requirement for a tenancy strategy

The Localism Act 2011 (legislation.gov.uk) has introduced a requirement for every local authority to produce a tenancy strategy. Registered providers (registered providers of social housing) must have regard to tenancy strategies when they are producing their own policies.

The tenancy strategy was revised in March 2021 and reviewed in April 2023

The purpose of the tenancy strategy

The tenancy strategy is a document published by all local authorities as part of their strategic role for their area. It is an overarching strategy, meant to give guidance and information to registered providers of social housing.

The tenancy strategy must set out the broad objectives on the granting of tenancies to be taken into consideration by registered providers operating in the area. Registered providers have been granted more freedoms in the length and types of tenancy they are now able to grant. The tenancy strategy sets out the local authorities broad objectives on the granting and reissuing of tenancies in their area.

The tenancy strategy is not a document that stands alone; it is in conformity with the council's homelessness strategy and the council’s allocations policy. It also has regard to the policies for the supply of new affordable housing in the Borough set out in the local plan.

Review of the strategy

The tenancy strategy will be reviewed at least every five years, and sooner if there is a major change in policy which would affect the issues outlined in the tenancy strategy.

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