Hinckley and Bosworth Fairtrade Forum

The 90 kilogram Kilombero rice challenge

Hinckley & Bosworth Fairtrade Forum sells Kilombero rice in the borough. This fairly-traded rice is grown in Malawi and is produced by traditional cultivation methods which protect the environment and have sustained communities for centuries. Farmers receive a fair and stable price for their rice, which means they can plan and invest in their businesses. In this way they can increase their incomes, provide greater food security for their communities and support and educate their families.

Primary education is free to children in Malawi providing they have shoes to wear, but secondary education must be paid for. Money from every 90 kilograms of rice sold is used to send a son or daughter to secondary school for one year. One tonne of Kilombero rice sold by Hinckley & Bosworth Fairtrade Forum equates to 10 years of secondary education for children in Malawi. The knowledge doesn't stop with the 10 children however, as it is passed on and raises education levels throughout the community.

The success of this project is partly due to the excellence of the product but also to people's desire to make a real difference to the lives of others.

For further information please contact Environmental Health

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