Housing and welfare support

Where and how can I get support?

Welfare support scheme

Please visit resident support scheme or information on how to request support if you are struggling financially, particularly with priority bills such as rent, council tax, energy, water and food.

Housing support

  • Please visit homelessness advice for further information, or call 01455 238141
  • Council tax support – you may be eligible for a discount if you are on a low income, or due to other circumstances. For example, you may live on your own, be a student or have a carer. Please call 01455 248141 if you require further help, or visit our benefits and grants section for further information
  • If you are a Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council tenant and are struggling to pay your monthly rent, please contact the rents team by completing our contact form

Last updated: 27/09/2022 09:45