Large item - book a collection

Change your booking

What you can change

  • Collection date: collections only take place on Thursdays
  • Items: You can change the items you want us to collect

Replacing an item

First, you need to complete the form to tell us to remove an item. Then, you need to complete the form again to tell us to add the new item.

Adding or removing an item

If you want us to collect more items, then additional payment may be required. Please note: no refunds are available for removing items or cancelling your booking

We will ask for:

  • Your collection reference number (emailed to you when you made the booking)
  • Postcode: collection address
  • What you would like to change
  • Payment (if applicable)

Change your collection

You can also change your booking by phone or by visiting the Hinckley Hub.

The deadline for changing your booking is by 12 noon on the Wednesday before your collection date.

Last updated: ‎17‎/‎05‎/‎2019‎ ‎08‎:‎54‎