Coronavirus pandemic

There have been changes to services due to the coronavirus pandemic. Please contact us if you require assistance. Get the latest service information, government news and business support and advice.

Coronavirus: information, advice and FAQs

How to claim council tax support

The process

During the coronavirus pandemic, there are changes to how customers claim housing benefit and council tax support, please read this information before you complete your claim.

  1. You will need to complete a claim form - you can download a claim form from this page, or you can get a form from the council offices. Please note that we will not need you to complete two claim forms if you want to claim help with your council tax (council tax support) and help with your rent (housing benefit) as the claim form covers both benefits
  2. You will need to provide proof of your (and your partner's if applicable) identity and proof of your income and capital/savings with your claim form. If you have other adults living in the property, you will also need to provide proof of their income and capital/savings. You can provide it with your form or you can provide it up to a month after you submit your claim. Which documents do we need?
  3. If you wanted to claim council tax support before but you were unable to because there was a circumstance that stopped you, you can ask for your benefit to be backdated on your claim form. Please note that we can only consider this if you can show that you had a 'good cause' as to why you did not claim earlier. Get your benefit backdated
  4. Once your claim has been assessed, we will write to you to confirm whether you are entitled to help with your rent and council tax and if so how much we will pay every week

If you need help to complete your form, you can phone the Benefits Team for advice or visit our customer services desk. If you have restricted mobility, please phone us or complete the contact form below so that we can arrange to visit you at your home. Please note that we are not able to visit customers to help them complete their claim forms due to the coronavirus pandemic, if you need help with your form please contact us and we will complete the form over the phone.

If you are entitled to a refund

Once your claim is assessed, you will receive a benefit award letter showing how we have assessed your claim. You will also receive a council tax bill showing any payments you need to make. If your bill is in credit, we can refund this money to you. Alternatively we can put the credit towards next year's bill.

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