Residents warned over council tax scam

Published Thursday, 20 August 2015

RESIDENTS in Hinckley and Bosworth are being warned to be on their guard after a bogus caller deceived a Leicestershire woman into handing over her bank details by posing as a council officer.

The Borough Council issued the warning after a concerned resident contacted the council’s shared revenues and benefits service to check on the caller who had told her he was calling from the council.  The caller told the woman she had paid too much council tax and was due a refund.  The caller went on to demand the woman’s bank details, telling her this was so that the overpayment could be refunded.  However the call was a hoax.

Although the resident handed over her bank details, she was concerned enough to call her bank immediately and so fortunately no money was taken on this occasion.  However, after a spate of similar calls from concerned residents in other Leicestershire council districts last month, the council is now urging residents in Hinckley and Bosworth to be on their guard to prevent the scam being successful next time.   

Sally O’Hanlon, Head of Leicestershire Revenues and Benefits Partnership said: “We are relieved the customer hasn’t lost any money, but we are keen to make everyone aware of this to avoid anyone being taken in by this bogus caller.”  

“The council will hold specific details about your council tax account including the date that you made your last payment and when we last received or sent you correspondence. My advice is that if you receive an unexpected call from the council and you are in any doubt about whether the call is genuine it is entirely appropriate for you to ask the caller to provide details about your account and if they are unable to do so please do not divulge any personal information and report the matter to the council.“ 

Last updated: 20/08/2015 14:18