Former flutters site - the regent

Published Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Following the council meeting last month, Members of Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council backed the campaign to 'Save the Regent' and pledged to do whatever it could to support the campaign.

At the same time, the council also stressed that it has no powers to intervene in what is a private sale transaction between the owner of the former Regent Cinema building and Iceland.

The Borough Council's Chief Executive, Steve Atkinson followed up the commitment given by the council by having discussions with Mr Tyler (the owner of the building) and by arranging a meeting with the Tin Hat Partnership (the ‘Crescent’ developers), Iceland and a member of the campaign group. In the event, Iceland chose not to attend but afterwards they did provide information requested by the group. 

It is clear from these discussions that both Tin Hat and Iceland had explored every option for an alternative location for Iceland, but none proved suitable either in terms of location or in facilitating the least interruption to their trading.

Steve Atkinson said:

“The campaign to protect the Regent began only very recently, leaving very little time for the group or anyone else to secure the building. This is particularly the case given that the owner was so far advanced with the sale of the site and has a legitimate right to sell it as he sees fit; the council has no legitimate right to interfere in that private transaction.

In terms of protecting the building, the council’s Planning Committee had already recently granted permission to retain the façade, entrance hall and the shops; replacing a previous permission for complete demolition. That is a significant and positive step by the council.

The council has met the commitments given at its last meeting and, having secured responses to the questions raised by the campaign group, has no power to change the arrangements now in place.

I know that members of all the political groups supported the campaign, but they can only intervene when they have legitimate grounds for doing so.”

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