Conservation areas

Conservation area statements

Periodically, a conservation area statement is produced by the council's Conservation Officer for each conservation area within the borough.

The following documents collectively form the Conservation Area Statement:


The appraisal assesses the significance of the designated area and analyses how that significance is vulnerable to change.  Its aim is to preserve and enhance the character of the area and to provide a basis for making sustainable decisions about its future through the development and management proposals.

The document will provide a description of the historical development of the settlement, set out the important features of the conservation area which need to be protected and indicate the planning guidance and policies which apply to new developments in the area.

The benefits of a comprehensive appraisal of a conservation area are that it will provide a sound basis for:

  • Development control decisions
  • Protecting our local heritage
  • Developing initiatives to improve the area
  • The local community to use as an educational and informative document

Appraisal maps

The appraisal map identifies key heritage and other features in the conservation area which it is important to protect. The maps normally include:

  • The conservation area boundary
  • Listed buildings
  • Locally important historic buildings
  • Views
  • Key hard-surfaced and green spaces
  • Important trees
  • Boundary walls

Management plan

The Management plan consists of two documents:

  1. Mid to long term strategy
    This includes the mid to long term strategy for preserving and enhancing the conservation area
  2. The Management plan
    The management plan addresses current issues and makes recommendations for action arising from the statement and identifies any further detailed work needed. It also sets out specific enhancement schemes for the public area and aims to secure the repair of important heritage features and buildings

Photographic survey

The photographic survey is used as a mechanism for monitoring future change in the designated area.

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