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Website statistics by year

Statistics overview

We use Google Analytics* to report on monthly website statistics, including sessions, users and pageviews.

* A visitor to our website must consent to analytics cookies in order for us to include their visit in our monthly web statistics. Therefore, the number of sessions, users and pageviews we record

Please note:

The number of sessions, users and pageviews we record in our monthly website statistics is based on visitors to our website who consent to analytics cookies; if a visitor doesn't consent to analytics cookies, we have no data relating to their visit.

Therefore, the sessions, users and pageviews we publish in these pages are a sample, rather than an accurate figure for all our website visits.

Definition of terms

  • A session is the period time (for example a month) a user is actively engaged with the website
  • A user has had at least one session within a time period (for example a month), so a user can be either a new user or a returning user
  • A pageview is one visit to a web page. Therefore repeated views of a single page are counted. Pageviews is the total number of pages viewed in a time period (for example a month)

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