How to report fly-posting

If you suspect illegal forms of advertising, you can report this to us. When reporting fly-posting, please provide the following information:

  • Location of the posters:
    • Exact location - Where displayed (such as on a tree, telegraph pole, lamp post), street name, village
    • What3words location - You have the option of providing a What3words location (
  • Type of posting, for example: posters, stickers, banners
  • Description of posters
  • When you noticed the posters
  • Your contact details (optional)

Report fly-posting

Alternatively, call our helpline on 01455 238141.

What is fly-posting?

Fly-posting is advertising on buildings and street furniture without the consent of the owner and is an example of anti-social behaviour.

There are three main types of fly-posting:

  • Posters for local events, including adverts for bands playing in pubs or a local car boot sale
  • Posters advertising products or large organisations put up by professional poster companies
  • Posters displayed by pressure groups or political bodies

When these are displayed on property without the owner's consent, then they are illegal forms of advertising.

Service standard

  • Where seen, we will remove immediately or within five working days of being reported
  • Where signs are permanently fixed, the person responsible will be given 28 days to remove them
  • Posters still in place after this time will be removed and a charge made

Further information: