Ask for Angela - Get help during a date

Planning a date?

As well as what to wear and a list of conversation starters, make sure you also take some time to think about the best venue.

Across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, a new initiative is being rolled out in various pubs and bars called Ask for Angela.

So if you’re on a date and find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, if you don’t feel safe, if your date isn’t who they said they were or if things just don’t feel quite right, go to the bar and ask for Angela.

Staff in various venues have been trained to recognise that the safe word ‘Angela’ means that there may be a problem. The member of staff can then offer to call a taxi for you, provide a safe place for you to call a friend, or just help you to leave the venue discreetly if you were feeling unsafe due to your date’s actions, words or behaviour.

Last updated: ‎16/02/2022 12:14