Blaby and Hinckley & Bosworth Community Safety Strategy

The Strategy 2023 - 2026

The Community Safety Partnership (CSP) brings together a collection of people and organisations that have a real commitment to do everything in their power to have a positive impact on reducing crime and disorder, protecting people from harm and to work closely alongside local communities in bringing about a sense of safety for all.

Our purpose

Keeping everyone safe is at the heart of everything we strive to achieve. The primary purpose of the CSP is to work together to make people and neighbourhoods within the District of Blaby and the Borough of Hinckley & Bosworth safer.

Our priority themes and focus

Protecting and supporting people:

  • Provide support for victims, witnesses and perpetrators
  • Increase reporting of domestic abuse and hate crime and ensure positive outcomes for victims
  • Provide support for victims of domestic abuse
  • Intervene early to help protect individuals and communities from harm
  • Work with young people in schools and other settings to ensure they have the knowledge they need to make informed choices and protect themselves from harm
  • Work to tackle and raise awareness of exploitation including child sexual exploitation, child criminal exploitation and modern day slavery
  • Provide people with information to help protect themselves from scams and on-line crime
  • Work with wider partners to support cohesive and resilient communities

Reducing offending and re-offending:

  • Proactively tackle and reduce the number of incidents of anti-social behaviour
  • Work to reduce re-offending
  • Deliver anti-social behaviour prevention and awareness work with young people
  • Work to tackle rural crime and engage our rural communities
  • Promote crime prevention to our communities
  • Deliver campaigns, awareness raising events and training to help reduce seasonal crime, promote reporting and support available
  • Work to reduce domestic burglary offences
  • Work to reduce vehicle crime offences
  • Increase confidence in reporting and feelings of  safety, particularly for young people
  • Work to disrupt county lines drug networks and work with partners to safeguard and support victims 
  • Respond effectively to tackle emerging threat crimes and disorder

Preventing and reducing serious violence:

  • Discharge our core duties in line with the Serious Violence Duty
  • Ensure young people and the wider community inform and shape our serious violence strategy and plans
  • Continue to strengthen our relationships with education and work together to prevent and reduce serious violence
  • Continue to increase our understanding of trauma and trauma informed practice
  • Deliver prevention and awareness work in schools and other young people settings
  • Commission specialist outreach provision, sports programmes and mentoring programmes for young people
  • Deliver targeted work aimed at reducing serious violence in hotspot locations at peak times 
  • Provide therapeutic work with young people affected by domestic abuse
  • Provide dedicated domestic abuse outreach services for victims of domestic abuse
  • Support campaigns and initiatives aimed at reducing violence and increasing access to support
  • Work with partners to identify and support individuals who are at risk of becoming involved in serious violence 
  • Continue to work in partnership to tackle violence in the night-time economy, including strengthening work and relationships with the night-time economy sector and business

We will across all our priority themes continue to:

  • Ensure communities inform and shape our work
  • Use evidence-based approaches in our strategic and operational work
  • Recognise the importance of prevention and take a public health approach to our work
  • Give clear messages about the services that are available, how to access them and how people can report in
  • Celebrate successes of the CSP and communicate successes to communities
  • Work to continually improve how we communicate and engage with people and communities
  • Build on existing good partnership relationships and work together to tackle cross cutting themes such as substance misuse and mental health
  • Work effectively with the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS)

If you require this strategy in an alternative format please complete our community safety contact form or contact the Community Safety Team on 01455 255746.

For more information visit our community safety partnership pages or community safety partnership ( You can also contact your local community safety team:

  • Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council - 01455 238141
  • Blaby District Council - 0116 2727725

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