Strategic flood risk assessment (SFRA) 2020


What's it all about?

The strategic flood risk assessment (SFRA) provides a comprehensive and robust evidence base on issues of flood risk to support the production of the Local Plan to 2036. The SFRA will be used inform decisions on the location of future development and the preparation of sustainable policies for the long-term management of flood risk.

The SFRA is presented in two parts:

Level 1 SFRA

The level 1 SFRA document provides an update to the Joint 2014 SFRA for Hinckley and Bosworth, Blaby and Oadby and Wigston Borough Councils, as well as an update to the Leicestershire and Leicester City 2017 SFRA. Both of these existing SFRAs contained relevant data to Hinckley and Bosworth but included a much larger area and additional local authorities. The SFRA provides recommendations regarding all sources of flood risk in Hinckley and Bosworth borough, which can be used to inform policy on flood risk within the Local Plan.

How to use the document

The level 1 SFRA report comprises the main document, the index of the interactive maps, and the 24 appendices containing the maps. Use the maps index to find the area you want to look at, this reference will then correspond to the maps in the list below.

Level 2 SFRA

This level 2 SFRA is an assessment of flood risk of a number of sites that have been submitted to the Borough Council for consideration for the location of future development. This document should be considered in conjunction with the level 1 SFRA (published in 2019).

How to use the document

The level 2 SFRA report comprises the main document, detailed site summary tables for the assessment sites and an interactive map, with all the mapped flood risk outputs for each site.

How to use the maps

By default, the maps in PDF format don't show any data. Click the boxes in the key to show various layers of data. Some devices may not be compatable with this format, mostly mobile devices. Please download Adobe Acrobat Reader (a free PDF viewer) to view and interact with the map. If you require the map in another format, please contact the Planning Policy team using the contact form below.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader ( for your desktop/laptop device. Alternatively, download Adobe Acrobat Reader in the app store on your mobile device.

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