Composting clubs and training courses

Rot-a-Lot composting club

Leicestershire County Council run a 'Rot-a-Lot Compost Club'. The aim of the club is to help more and more people enjoy the composting process. It is a free home-composting club that has been established to assist Leicestershire residents with home composting.

The Rot-a-Lot Composting club arranges workshops around the county, giving people the opportunity to engage with experts and fellow composters, and enabling them to ask questions face to face and find out how they can improve or maximise their composting.

Club members will be kept up to date with club news and composting events through regular newsletters. The club also offers a dedicated e-mail address ( and telephone advice for residents (0116 305 0001).

Further information

For more information on the Rot-a-Lot Club and home composting (

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