Landlord rights and responsibilities


The government have created a guide which must be given to all tenants on how to rent (GOV.UK), as well as a guide for landlords and people who are considering letting a house or flat about how to let (GOV.UK)

The advice in the how to let guide will assist you through the rights and legal responsibilities you have as a landlord. It sets out guidance on what you should do before letting a property, as well as how to get a property ready for letting, how to set up a tenancy, what you must do during a tenancy, and how you ought to deal with matters at the end of a tenancy. It also advises landlords on what to do if things go wrong.

The guides mentioned above do not cover leaseholds or lodging arrangements. To find out more about leaseholds, please visit Lease: the leasehold advisory service ( and, for lodging arrangements, please visit rent a room in your home (GOV.UK).

Last updated: ‎12/12/2023 11:21