How to get involved as a tenant

Housing working groups

We arrange tenant working groups and focus groups to look at specific aspects of our service.

Repairs working group

This is chaired by the housing repairs managers and is set up to discuss general issues relating to the repairs service with tenants. Performance information and procedures are considered and tenants are given the opportunity to suggest agenda items. Please note individual repairs issues are not discussed at this meeting.  

Sheltered housing working group

This group includes members from each of our sheltered housing schemes and meets once every two months at sheltered schemes across the borough. Issues are discussed that are specific to sheltered housing including the support service, repairs, gardening and cleaning services. 

Focus groups

We also hold focus groups to look at specific issues, for example, one on the new damp and condensation procedure and one to review the information we send to tenants in rent arrears.

For more information, please contact Jacqui Kissai, Service Improvement Officer on 01455 255639 or email [email protected]

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