Apply for assistance to adapt your home

How to apply

The council will seek to assist tenants with disabilities or health related problems that affect their access to live in their homes. This involves working with partners such as Leicestershire County Council based Occupational Therapists, who carry out the initial assessment on requests for adaptations from Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council tenants. The following steps should be followed by any tenant who thinks they may be entitled to assistance:

  1. The tenant should first contact the Social Services Office on 01455 636964. You will be asked about the difficulties that you are experiencing and if appropriate, a home visit will be arranged
  2. Your needs will be assessed by the Occupational Therapist, who will discuss your needs and agree with you what you will be entitled to
  3. The Repairs Team will be informed in writing of the adaptations required to your home
  4. The Repairs Team will assess if it is reasonable to adapt your home. If your needs could be met by a move to more suitable accommodation, you will be contacted by a housing officer to discuss a transfer application
  5. If your property is suitable for adaptions, these will be put in hand with a suitably qualified contractor

Please note, these adaptions are placed on a waiting list and held in date order for completion.

Last updated: 14/02/2013 17:17