Play in Hinckley and Bosworth

Introduction to play

Children playing in the mead crafting

In Hinckley and Bosworth we are serious about play. It is every child’s right to play and have access to good quality play opportunities. A healthy and happy childhood is everyone’s responsibility.

Over the last few years there has been a national recognition of how vital play is in a child’s development.

We are keen to support the development of high quality, inclusive, accessible play opportunities, we:

  • Provide clean and interesting environments for children to play
  • Engage positively with children, young people and the voluntary and community sector
  • Encourage participation in healthy lifestyles
  • Encourage social development and interaction
  • Raise the profile of play in the borough

Why play?

Play is thought to be the visible result of a biological drive (Sturrock,1993, Rennie and Sturrock, 1997). It has existed throughout human evolution, and is thought to be the significant factor in every aspect of human development - from co-ordination to language and from brain development to adaptation.

It is absolutely essential to all children's optimum development that they engage in high quality play experiences, throughout the period of their childhood.

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