Rent arrears and recovery policy



Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council aims to maximise the rental income it generates to deliver excellent housing services. Preventing tenants falling into rent arrears is a key priority for the council’s housing service.

The increased cost of living has placed additional financial burden on many of our tenants. As such, this policy outlines the council’s overall approach to income maximisation, whilst recognising individual circumstances and factors which may affect rent arrears recovery.


This policy applies to the efficient and effective maximisation and recovery of rental income, service charges and the recovery of former tenant arrears. It will be implemented by officers of the council undertaking housing management activities.

Aims and objectives:

  • To protect the council’s income stream, efficiently and effectively maximising income from rents, service charges and other fees and charges associated with the council’s housing stock, garages and garage sites
  • To proactively identify those tenants in financial hardship and, where necessary, to provide support and advice at the earliest opportunity
  • To support those affected by the cost of living with repayment plan options and to provide an alternative approach to legal action
  • To work collaboratively with other council teams and external partners to ensure support is enabled, where necessary, to all of our tenants
  • To comply with the Pre Action Court Protocol detailed in Appendix one 

Last updated: 15/01/2024 16:21