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Rent arrears and recovery policy

Former tenant arrears recovery

Following termination of your tenancy, we will notify you of any debt remaining on your account.

If necessary, we will liaise with our benefits colleagues and other council services.

If you are unable to clear any monies owed in full, we may arrange a repayment plan.

Where attempts to recover arrears by letter have failed, or the whereabouts of the tenant is not known, we may use all information and opportunities available to locate them, including tracing agents, where it is cost effective to do so.

Where the arrears are in respect of a deceased tenant, action will be limited to contacting the next of kin or executor to claim against the estate.

Where a debt is uneconomical to pursue or there is no prospect of recovery, consideration to it being written off is given, following review by the Anti-Social Behaviour and Tenancy Manager or the Head of Housing and Environmental Services.

Where debt has been incurred as a consequence of financial hardship, we may consider writing off debt.

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