Garages for rent

The council operates a waiting list for garages and garage plots (sites), which may become available to rent at various locations throughout the borough. An average garage or garage plot price ranges from £4.50 to £6 per week. The price is subject to an annual rent increase. Non council tenants are subject to VAT charges.

A garage is a lock-up type building usually of brickwork construction. A garage plot is an area of land on which you can park your vehicle, you can build your own garage to a pre-agreed specification, we will retain ownership of the land and you will own the garage.

How to apply

When you apply for a garage or garage site, tell us:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your contact details (email address, telephone number)
  • Your date of birth
  • Preferred area (town or village)
  • Description of your vehicle

Apply for a garage or garage site

Alternatively, request a form from us: contact housing allocations

Please note, currently there is an exceptionally long waiting time for council garages.

Further information

If you have applied for a garage and want to know more about your application, or you want any further information about garages, please complete our housing options contact form or call 01455 238141 and ask for the housing options team. 

Last updated: 12/03/2024 09:46