Car crime

Car and vehicle security

It is very important to keep your vehicle and its contents as secure as possible, to protect it from thieves.

Help play your part in reducing vehicle crime:

  • Lock your vehicle, even when filling up or when it is parked on your drive. This greatly reduces the risk of it becoming the target of an opportunist thief
  • Check that you haven’t left any windows or the sunroof open
  • Don’t leave any items on display in your car, even if you are only leaving your car for a few minutes. If you can’t carry it with you, store it in the boot, not in the glove compartment
  • Keep the keys safe and out of view when at home. If you have a keyless entry car, put the keys in a screened or signal blocking pouch, such as a Faraday bag, and check your keys are still working every few months
  • Park in a well-lit place, if possible
  • Don’t leave your car unattended whilst defrosting windows or running the engine to warm it up

For more tips and advice, please visit preventing car and vehicle theft (

To view the advert on keeping your vehicle secure, download the car crime awareness poster (PDF)

Last updated: ‎‎21/11/2023 16:00