Internet safety awareness

Install security protection

Security software, such as antivirus, helps protect your devices from viruses and hackers.

There are two main types of security software:

Security software packages

These are full security packages that provide virus scans and other protection, including a firewall, spam filtering and parental controls. Good quality, free security software is available from many providers for computers and mobile devices, with an option to upgrade for additional functionality and technical support.

Antivirus, anti-spyware scanners and malware removal software

These scan your computers or mobile devices for existing infections and remove them. They can usually be set to check your system on a regular basis. As computers can appear to function normally when infected, it is a good idea to run these regularly in addition to installing antivirus software.

If your security or scanner software is unable to remove a virus, contact a computer specialist and they will be able to help.

Last updated: ‎19/09/2023 10:57