Protect yourself against scams

Avoid doorstep scams

Unfortunately, in every area there are rogue traders who want to cheat us out of our money. We will never be able to eliminate them completely. When someone tries to sell you something or gets you to sign up for something in your home, someone else’s home or your place of work, they may be a genuine salesperson, but sometimes it’s a scam. Some of the things you can do to stop yourself getting taken in by doorstep scams are:

  • Don’t agree to repair work being done on the spot
  • Avoid handing over money before work is started
  • Never agree to go with a trader to the bank to get money out
    Check out the trader’s details
  • Always read documents carefully before you sign them
  • Don’t get taken in by sales banter or high pressure selling techniques
  • Keep your doors locked - Make sure your back door is locked whenever you answer the front door and always lock your door if you're asked to go outside to look at something, such as broken guttering. This prevents you from being distracted while a thief gets in and burgles your house

For more information on how to avoid doorstep crime and rogue trading visit citizens advice website

Last updated: 26/03/2020 10:53