Hinckley and Bosworth Business Prosperity Grant 2024/25

Assessment process

Applications will be assessed by a panel of relevant officers to determine how they meet Business Prosperity Grant outcome aims and if they are eligible for funding. An objective scoring scheme is used to assess and prioritise applications as follows:

  • Value for money
  • Evidence of need
  • Interventions outcomes clearly demonstrated
  • Match funding already secured
  • Job creation
  • Length of benefits
  • Risk of non-delivery

The information below provides an overview of how we will score and assess applications. Each part of the application will be scored zero to five based on the quality and content of the answers provided, and how well the applicant demonstrates the points below. 

Theme with component and weight

Theme: value for money:

  • Component:
    • Demonstrated value for money and length of benefits
    • Demonstration of match funding secured    
  • Weight: 25%

Theme: strategic fit:

  • Component:
    • Evidence of need 
    • Job creation
    • Intervention outcomes clearly demonstrated    
  • Weight: 40%

Theme: deliverability:

  • Component: 
    • What arrangements are in place to deliver on time and in budget?
    • How will risk be managed and mitigated    
  • Weight: 35% 

Once we have received your application

We will aim confirm whether your project is eligible for funding within five days from the date of receipt.

Your application will be assessed in April 2024 and you will be advised of the panel decision in May 2024.

Last updated: 26/01/2024 10:17